The beginning

The beginning

Welcome students from Univalle Cartago, in this blog we will have the opportunity to share ideas and also practice what you learn in class.


One thought on “The beginning

  1. The histories of alliens and are ovnis real? Many people of the common one say to have seen ovnis as special travelers; when Apollo 11 did his first landing in the moon on July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong y BuzzAldrin they saw 2 big things that were shining. The government of the E.U supported all this information privately many years. Have the ovnis and extraterrestrial beings visited the land? Many persons assure that they have seen them, so much so there are photographies.
    Socorro, New México, US 1964
    The policeman Zamora was driving towards his house and it saw fire in the hills, I ask if it was an accident of a car. On having approached it saw that it was a big machine in the shape of egg of 5 meters of length, 4 legs and no window or door, to the side there had two small men; Zamora knew that they were not of the land. Suddenly the machine did a very strong noise and disappeared. In the land I leave holes of four legs. On the same night there were reports of strange things in the sky.
    Valensole, France 1965
    The farmer Maurice saw two strange small men in his field. On having approached, a light I throw it to the land; it could not move, after a time it saw as the machine it was eliminated in the sky, all the plants that existed in this piece were dead. Masse felt tired for weeks.
    The Green Children
    In the 1100s, 2 children were found in the people Woolpit in England. They were totally green, were not speaking his language and only they were eating green fruits. The child died, the girl started losing the green color since he ate of the local food, learned this language and I speak about his life.

    Roswel’s shock has been one of the most important of the history of the ovnis. Really have extraterrestrial beings landed to the land? Roswel is a small city in the State again Mexico, without importance until July, 1947. The farmer William Brazel towards his purchases and he found metal pieces, thought that they were of a plane; the mostro to the police and they discovered that they could neither break nor burn them, he had written in another language that they could not deal; this metal was not of the land.
    Time later the report of this made change; they were metals of a military plane. The government of E.U I reject to say something on this. In 1994 the military men said another version. The people think that the government conceals information about the extraterrestrial beings. In 1995 the military men showed a movie, in which there was an examination of the body of a small foreigner. The government has eliminated important papers, for what the people say that it is never going to know that I happen in Roswell.
    They Took Us Away
    In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were handling when they saw a light, it was a big thing of yellow color with strange people in. In this moment they felt tired and woke fifty six kilometres up an hour later in another place beyond. They told his history to doctors, did questions to them and slowly they remembered that it had happened. They were taken for ovnis, and gave information of the position of the stars; the doctors say that the information is true.
    In 1975, Travis Walton was employed at a forest and it saw an ovni. A green light ignited and eliminated it, was found five days later, he did not remind anything. It was thinner and his arm was cut. In November, 1989 a woman did a strange report, as other policemen. They saw for a window a woman flying from a twelfth floor, there were small people about her, the aliens took her to him in an ovni.

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